Automation - prototype production

We offer designing, wiring, programming and commissioning of single-purpose machines, devices, technology line and parts of automation lines.

  • Automation for injection moulding machines
  • Forming
  • Automatic manipulators and conveyors
  • Mounting devices
  • Measurement and control systems
  • Automated Measurement and control work tables
  • Development of special technological work
  • Proposul of safety and control systems tables
  • PLC programing including putting machines into operation
  • SIEMENS control systems
  • Visualization

We are engaged in realization of single-purpose machines. We offer comprehensive solutions in the design, supply and implementation of industrial automation and industrial operations. We provide automation from design by customer requirements, through design assembly, mechanical and electrical assembly, software programming to machine start-up. Our technological background enables us to realize projects without dependence on subcontractors. As a result, we are able to respond actively to your requirements and offer you solutions that are most beneficial and effective for you.

Automatizace – prototypová výroba Automatizace – prototypová výroba Automatizace – prototypová výroba