Representation of 2JCP a.s

Sarond, s.r.o. is an exclusive business representative of 2JCP, a.s., in the Czech Republic region.

A strongly export-oriented Czech company that has been successfully engaged in the engineering industry for more than 18 years, 2JCP is an important supplier of technological units and services for international oil, gas and energy companies such as GE Energy, Cullum Detuners Lumited, Rolls – Royce or Siemens. Projects are implemented around the world, often including assemblies and commissioning. 2JCP currently employs approximately 300 highly skilled workers, of which 240 are in the blue collar positions.

2JCP offers comprehensive investment supplies:
  • Technical drawing and planning
  • 9 professional draughtsmen
  • Licence for Autodesk Inventor 8 (9) and Solid Works (2)
  • Comprehensive project management
  • Production
  • Supply
  • Installation and commissioning

Main product portfolio:
  • Acoustic covers of gas and steam turbines
  • Ceramic furnaces, ventilation for furnaces
  • Chamber catalysts
  • Dampers and exhausts for diesel generators
  • Rotary drying equipment
  • Input filters for gas turbines
  • Ventilation for gas turbines
  • Steel chimneys (including dampers)
  • Steel structures
  • Steel transitions
  • Piping systems
  • Platforms

Production abilities:
  • Sheet metal processing – production of structures, welding and laser cutting
  • Assemblies on site
  • Machining
  • Blasting and coating

Production capacity (in tons):
  • Black (non-alloyed) steel: 2,000 tons/year (components of gas turbines)
  • Stainless (austenitic) steel: 1,500 tons/year (gas turbine components)
  • Five times capacity for other steel structures


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