Representation of BOSCH REXROTH, spol. s.r.o.

Sarond is a business and service partner of a renowned producer of drives and control systems, the Rexroth Company.

Rexroth drives and control systems fill jars with marmalade and enable the printing of daily newspapers and magazines. You are driving to your work with a car fitted with an engine, gearbox and body produced using the Rexroth technology. On your way you pass fields cultivated by machines with the Rexroth hydraulics. You pass wind power plants with a drive mechanism produced by Rexroth and around sites with dredgers and bulldozers including Rexroth components. Rexroth enables an efficient production in all sorts of engineering factories. The Rexroth technology can be found in the furniture or PC production. Rexroth is virtually involved in all manufactured products.

And that also involves the culture:

Rexroth solutions for process automation are used in the stage technology of the most famous opera houses and theatres around the world.

With such a broad range, Rexroth is able to offer tailor-made solutions to its customers just because its employees constantly come with new ideas and even better innovations.


 Presentation - Bosch Rexroth Cezch Republic (6M)