Sarond s.r.o. delivered a reference delivery of tram battery boxes.

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PF 2021 from Sarond

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Sarond, s.r.o successfully handed over the automation and control workplace for the BMW F56 project.

Our company Sarond, s.r.o. successfully handed over other automation and control equipment. Parts made by a 3D printer were newly used in the construction.
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Project realization BMW G05

Our company Sarond, s.r.o has completed a cleaning and punching machine for cleaning holes after pressing.According to the requirements, the machine was designed in our design department for an explosive environment powered only by air, including and equipped with specially developed tools.
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Sarond s.r.o. successfully delivered an interesting order for stainless steel battery carriers for trams.

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Company Sarond, s.r.o. newly uses a 3D printer for the production of parts for automation and control machines.

We now use the new 3D printing technology from TRILAB, including technical support, to design automation and control machines.This new technology will speed up and simplify the production of the machine.3D printing proved to be very successful. SAROND will now use it in other orders not only for customers of the car motif but also for orders in transport engineering and for the needs of prototype production.
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SAROND s.r.o. handed over the inspection workplace for the inspection of luggage compartments for AUDI.

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Sarond, s.r.o defended the certificate according to the standard ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016 from TUV - SUD Czech s.r.o.

Company SAROND, s.r.o. has become proud sponsor of voluntary association of citizens BOXING-CLUB-STAR-PLZEŇ in PARABOX category and also junior boxing competitor Lenka Bernardová

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Company SAROND, s.r.o. has become a partner of professional ice hockey team HC Škoda Plzeň in 2019

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